About Us

Since 2009, we have been on a journey of adventures with the world's top companies, searching for technological expertise. We've solved some of the most complex problems and delivered the change that matters.

What We Do

VYQDA stands for Indoreators Web Creation Network. Our Professional, Flexible, and Integrated Process reflects “What We Do”. We stand committed to creating intuitive softwares that will help you embrace the digital world and achieve your business goals. Our main focus remains on making our customer’s day-to-day work easier through our products, offering them a stress-free life.

VYQDA stands for integration of newest technologies that provide you powerful tools to navigate through Digital Transformation. We also offer many more IT related services such as Mobile applications, Web-Development, Software Development and Customization etc.

Being an established Software Company, our focus remains on delivering best solutions to any complexity to the clients worldwide. We have delivered stellar projects to a large number of national and international clients and our service does not remain restricted rather covers all the industries. With our skillful Management Team as well as Certified in-house Developers, we register a unique name for your organization, and thus open up a new world of clients and services to you. Our areas of strength stress upon innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and commitment to quality.

Whether you are a B2B, B2C or C2C business, we assure unstoppable development services. We also customize our services as per client’s needs. Since inception in 2009, we have been on a journey of adventurous innovations to explore the best and latest technologies with a motive to be client-centric and cost-effective to the world’s topmost companies, searching for technological expertise. We’ve successfully solved some of the most complex problems in crucially crunch timelines.


Our Firm

What We Believe

Digital Age is the future & enhanced digital technology is a powerful tool to deliver transformation at scale while serving the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to the clients, comprehensive industry expertise, and a global network of innovation. So, we focus on building our products and services, in a way with renowned management philosophy, a strong culture of invention and risk-taking with relentless focus on customer relationships to help them create the Future.

Why Us

VYQDA is not just a word but the beginning of innovation helping in reaching your goals faster by creating a unique and profound digital presence. Our products and services are built in such a way that they help efficient working while cutting down the cost by automating the routine tasks. We help in re-imaging the businesses for the digital age by replacing the paperwork with digitized tools that help in increasing the productivity level and streamlining their operations and accounts.

Our Ideology

Our ideology is based on combining tech expertise and business intelligence to catalyze change and deliver transformation for efficient results. Every step we have taken is customer oriented as our focus remains on serving our customers with the best technologies to simplify their everyday tasks for their efficient working and increased revenues with their business transformation. And most importantly we remain fair, honest, transparent with our customers providing the best that we can do.

Our Offices & Partnerships

Our company, VYQDA is an Indian multinational information technology company based in India, since 2009. We have been delivering the best software development products and more IT related services since the day of our inception to many of our loyal clients based nationally and internationally, in India, USA, SINGAPORE, UAE and many more.

Our Technologies

Technology is the next-generation future that helps enterprises in recreating their business face. Our cutting-edge technology such as AI, IoT, Automation, Analytics, Management systems, Big Data & many more based products and services are built on future decades innovation offering a huge transformation for competing and withstanding the difficulties faced and giving simplified solutions.

Our Strength

Our Strength lies in the Uniqueness and Quality that we provide to our clients. In other words, our QUALITY is our UNIQUENESS. We are just a bunch of developers and designers but what we handle and create is far better than 100’s competing with us. The vast knowledge base that has helped us remain ahead of our nearest competitor is working on every platform while maintaining QUALITY, which is not everybody’s cup of tea. We believe in our capabilities and this is what has kept us alive in this race to growth. We specialize in creating turn-key solutions using a unique combination of resources and highly trained technical teams. Overlaying our three main blocks of strategy, user experience and technology is our knowledge and experience in specialist practice areas.

 A Global Software Firm

With the commencement of our business in 2009, We’re renowned for creating intuitive software that will help you embrace the digital world and achieve business goals and have been expertly steering our clients through their digital journey. We aim at providing significant value to your projects that can help you to deliver the best customer experience. We can surely say, we are a strong and stable choice for any business enabling the enterprise with AI-powered futuristic technologies that helps them to prioritize the execution of change. Other than this we provide multi-level problem-solving solutions. Our proactive team provides a range of practical approaches to solving problems to ensure continuity. Instead of working around the problems, we offer solutions to fix them that are easy to implement.

VYQDA broad spectrum of custom-made solutions covers industries including, fitness, education, delivery, booking, taxi, banking, streaming, e-commerce, and much more. Our desktop application services help you streamline your business and our expert and dedicated team of developers are experienced in ensuring a seamless transition of your data over to the cloud with bulletproof security features, with proficiency in building and deploying robust applications on any of the mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Other than this we encourage you to harness the power of the cloud by providing scalable and efficient cloud application development solutions. We use cutting-edge technology for public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms to ensure the best business results. Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, we assure cost-effective and client-centric development services by offering you:

  • Reliable and feature-rich applications
  • Smooth performance
  • Automated testing and quality assurance
  • Scale-up/down per your changing requirements
  • Real-time reporting of project status
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Multi-level problem solving

Through the years, we have built a rapport with our clients who enjoy the successful and timely delivery of projects. All our services are customized per the client’s wants and needs. Combined with our expert developers and scalable technology, we can help you achieve your quarterly and annual targets with ease. With bringing ideas to live our motive all we want is to contribute to your business endeavors through the delivery of excellent mobile, cloud, website, desktop application services and many more.

So Let’s explore the best and latest technologies with our expertise to grow everyday!!