Aerospace & Defense

Responsible for the development of spacecraft, tanks, missiles, and other weapon-related equipment, also manufacturing aircraft engines, engine parts as well as landing gears, propellers, and rotors.

Aerospace contributes nearly 50% to the Value of Production of the sector with the predominating Defense sector. The product line of this industry is quite broad as its production requires up to millions of individual parts. Other than this support systems that help in the operation and maintenance of vehicles. It is an over $650 billion market, comprising several large companies with smaller ones providing parts/services to the large firms or obtaining smaller contracts. Usually, these smaller companies provide services to both sectors.

The defense industry, also known as the military industry, comprises the government and commercial industry involved in the research, development, production, and service of military material, equipment, and facilities. Whereas, the aerospace industry’s main focus is on research, technology, and manufacturing of products related to flight, atmospheric, and beyond. Aerospace industries provide the economic core for entire cities.

Sector Expertise

Aerospace and Defense are entering a new era. Technological changes in today’s time act like a sword to fight any competition and to offer advancement in the aerospace and Defense industry. This industry comes under leading industries, related to advancing science and technology.

The systems used in these industries have a very high value per unit weight and are among the most complex, as measured by the number of components in finished products. Consequently, it is economically and politically prestigious for a country to possess an aerospace industry. But due to the current situation of covid 19 globally Aerospace & Defense industries are facing a challenging situation.

But are trying to overcome the challenge which comes in the form of frugal customers and increasing market competition. This prompts them to shift their focus from innovation and have control over their costs.

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