Atali MRP

Atali MRP a computer-based inventory management system designed to improve your business’s productivity level. Begin to estimate quantities of raw materials and with overall inventory management.

Inventory Management System

Track all your stock and it’s levels in real-time while implementing and establishing an efficient inventory management system for your business. Also create invoices, track expenses, get a real-time view of your inventory and view financial reports whenever you need them.

Know What You Owe

Manage to see what you owe to your vendors/suppliers even what they owe you by clicking on the contacts option on the screen. You are also able to see a summary as well as a detailed view of all your amount payables , which can help you in deciding and planning payment processes.

Cost Reduction

Reduce the overall Cost with Atali MRP as the feature of inventory management helps you to keep track of your overall inventory in real-time and optimize your stock levels to reduce holding costs and ordering costs tremendously.

Product Features

Atali MRP System is packed with features, which help you manage your business modules effectively while saving your time and cost by proper management of time for production to occur, without incurring excess costs by having the sufficient materials before getting into the situation of shortage of stock.


Quantity Tracker

Atali MRP ensures that materials are available in sufficient quantity while providing some advanced features like having a view of issued quantity, received quantity, stock management or transfered quantity and many more.

Production Management

Real-time inventory overview is provided with clear visibility to your manufacturing business while covering all the details of the processes included in production, so to make sure there’s no extra cost involved and to efficiently manage the stock and activities for better results.


Make-to-stock and Make-to-order, with these features you are able to manage every stock details while managing the order made combining with the overall stock. Also you can link up the orders to the sales orders and production.

UOM Conversion

Atali MRP gives your business the flexibility it needs for generating materials and distribution requirement plans, to satisfy business needs. So no need to worry about the quantity as it helps you to measure or know the fraction of overall units with it’s UOM Conversion feature that identifies each product and removes every complexity.

Export Reports

Manage to export all your reports in CSV, XLS, PDF format while getting the insights on the data-driven approaches through these reports. This makes your way easy as you are able to export reports to your local files according to its bifurcation.

Back- ups

Atali MRP provides you with two utilities of backups and restoring of data option which makes all your important and confidential information secure enough.

Why Choose The Product

You are able to keep an eye on your overall inventory including in-stock, reserved, and inventory thresholds
with a multitude of features. Know more about its features for your better understanding:

  • Set Low Stock Thresholds
  • Glance of Running stock
  • Secure and separate login is provided for admin and client at the time of login.
  • Every work order has a BOM and a routing code, which determines the order’s product structure and routing.
  • Maintain history of everything starting from raw material to the end product.
  • Delivery from warehouse to sellers with complete invoicing of stock through Van/delivery module.
  • Prints are also available for all – customer invoices, purchase orders, work orders.
  • Create Unlimited Contacts, Suppliers, Items, Assemblies Sub-Assemblies & many more.
  • General setting feature which include logo upload, currency update, update company info etc.