Automotive Industry

The automotive industry, one of the biggest manufacturing industries of the 20th century, is a capital-intensive and knowledge-intensive industry that plays a vital role in the country’s socio-economic development as it has a severe impact on the country’s economy.

Automotive industry requires the consumption of steel, iron, aluminum, plastic, glass, carpeting, textiles, rubber, and much more. Its importance can be determined by the place of motor transport in the infrastructure of the national economy in today’s time as it is continuously booming involving an increasing number of countries while constantly changing.

India annually manufactures 11 million vehicles and exports about 1.5 million each year. In 2020, India reached around exporting 4.7 million vehicles. Apart from this, India is the largest tractor manufacturer, second largest bus and two-wheeler manufacturer, third-largest heavy truck manufacturer, and fourth-largest car manufacturer in the world and as per the prediction it is expected to be the 3rd largest automobile hub in the world by 2026.

Sector Expertise

With the new age technologies, the automotive industry is not focused just on transportation but moreover, is all about customers expectations, which has been rising high on three counts: a vehicle’s performance, its smartness, and safety features and their experience as well.

The automotive industry has been facing drastic changes occurring on several fronts and is in the midst of unprecedented change. With the use of technologies, there’s the development of electric vehicles, connected car technologies, mobility services, and autonomous driving, and many more. There is even a change in the business model of automotive companies. They have switched from offline to online selling their products. E-Commerce is now the standard retail as it is the most used in all age groups. The desire for online purchasing power is increasing year after year in all respondent markets. In percentage terms, almost more than 72% of customers show a larger interest in online purchasing than choosing an offline platform. This ever-increasing interest shows the edge of a major change in the industry.

Emerging transportation models create new demands on product development, supply chain efficiency, sustainability, and local regulations. But they also present new ways to create value.

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