HRM Your Automated Human Resource Manager

Multiple solution power packed into one single system.

How Smoothly It Works!

Manage all your employees’ records, getting deep insights reports with zero effort on one single platform with accurate data, and monitor them easily while eliminating all the complexity through automation.

Powerful set of tools

Providing flexibility, mobility & scalability to simplify your day-to-day HR and payroll processes with an end-to-end. Furthermore providing you all multiple features such as customized working hours, filtered information, and a friendly platform that can be managed even through your cell phones and not only stops here also adds earnings and deductions from employees side.

Payroll Management

Get Salaries Calculated In Just Minutes Instead Of Days with personalized support from payroll expert! Keep a track of hours worked and ensure that employees receive the appropriate amount of pay. It also includes calculating taxes and social security, as well as ensuring that they are properly withheld and processed.

Time & Attendance Interface

No More Worries in Your Mind ! Simple solution for managing timesheets, attendance and many more. Providing all the functions you need to track, evaluate and further process the attendances and work performance of your employees.

Increase Your efficiency not the stress

Make Easy To Set & Track your business Objectives by saying Goodbye to workload,stress and all the tensions in your mind with Simplifying your Hr Work with getting deep insights with Zero Efforts.

Product Features

Explore our comprehensive solutions for all business processes across all industries to find the solutions
you need to run your business better, faster, and simpler enterprise-wide.


Export And Import Data

All reports can be exported to a spreadsheet easily, allowing you almost limitless options for how to use the data.

Insightful Reports

SHIFTHRM makes it easy to generate detailed reports on almost any data in your system with just a few clicks at your fingertips.

More Transparency

We provide a unique solution compatible with global standards which can handle complex salary structures in accordance with the working hours of the employees.

Employee Motivation

Short term rewards help to build a motivated workforce in a company. Resulting in increasing employee’s loyalty towards the company and generating greater success.

Approval Workflow

Utilizing a proper approval workflow significantly increases transparency of approval processes. Employees are given access to a portal where they can submit requests & track approval status.

Access Details Instantly

The data stored in it is an accessible database, you are able to enter, update, and check records in an instant manner with accurate results.