Smart Organizer

Control your daily, weekly and monthly events and tasks with a smart calendar in a single view. Organizing plans, their execution and managing reports on events for driving success to business.

Increased Work Efficiency

Scheduling time in an efficient way is a crucial aspect for a business growth. Work without any stress and meet deadlines with Todoish App that helps you in achieving your goals on time with maximized productivity.

Increase Productivity

You can increase your productivity by effectively managing your schedules in our app. It enables you to customize it as per your needs and arrange them strategically. You can schedule and set realistic goals that don’t affect your lifestyle and take enough breaks between your tasks. It helps in empowering yourself and encourages you every time you complete the work on time.

Product Features

Todoish is a flexible software that works according to your
business needs and enables you to customize the details in compliance with your enterprise and stakeholders.



Simplify Your Life With Reminders. Get alerts about all your tasks and events with prioritizing your most time-sensitive tasks.

Color Highlighter

Assign colors to different tasks to indicate groupings to make it’s bifurcation easier. Highlight what’s important with color-coded priority levels.

Work Tracker

Get all kinds of tasks in front of you and track how tasks are being conducted and completed. Get a detailed view of every task performed starting from the initial stage to its completion.

Create and Compile Notes

Create and compile notes, even set reminders with images so as to never miss out any important task. Todoish sets all your thoughts out of your head and to manage them practically.

User-Friendly Interface

It comes with an amazing interface that enables users to manage tasks easily in quite a faster, and better way. It supports real-time syncing across multiple data.

Productivity visualizations

Set daily and weekly goals, and visualize your productivity trends.

Why Choose The Product

Organize and Categorize all event-related information in one place so as you don’t lose any
important task, meetings, goals etc. Put your efforts and spend more time on
other aspects of your business and let Todoish handle this stuff Priority levels.

  • Gives you a snapshot of account activity filtered by project or person.
  • Prioritize and filter tasks in the calendar view.
  • Summary that helps you to create and complete all your tasks.
  • Keep a track of everything in one place.
  • It’s the best way to manage your time and achieve your ambitious goals.