Point of Sale

Get all your orders synced through virgin pos! whether you place it in-store or you use it on a mobile phone you can get all your orders synced automatically through virgin pos. Virgin pos is a retail management system made for small or mid-sized businesses. In addition to its point of sale module, it also offers integrated inventory, consumer and retail accounting including purchase orders and payroll processing.

Orders Module

Add as many orders as you want to and manage them with few clicks. You can see all the items, even can delete or add a new one, decrease or increase the quantity, and also can apply the discount if there is any during the payment process.

Split Payment

You can break the process order-wise by clicking on the split payment option to divide the amount equally. Once each split payment has been processed the sale will be finished and recorded.

Transfer Ownership

Planning on selling your business to a new owner, or are you buying an existing business that is running VirginPOS – transferring ownership is a breeze. You can easily transfer ownership of this site to anybody you want to.

Product Features

Our retail business software is designed in a way to match your goals with offering an increase in your point of sale.
The ease in setting up the system in just few minutes makes it the ideal choice for our clients.


Fast Button - Fast Sales

One-click checkout. Buy what you want to, with just one click, without wrangling all your details.

Easily track and reorder

Get a detailed track of all your Fast purchases at one place – and reorder them with just one click.

Insightful Reports

Say goodbye to rework, data duplication and inconsistencies ! As you are provided with deep insight reports giving the accurate results for no more confusion.

Upgrade/Degrade Your Plan

You are provided with a detailed list of plans best suited for your business where you have a choice to upgrade or even to switch to different plans.

Import And Export Feature

Allows you to upload or export multiple records which saves a lot of time and makes it easier to edit these records in bulk.


Allows you to customize your store’s POS experience. Inventory is suitable for all businesses, no matter the size or location so POS will allow to enable or disable this feature.

Why Choose The Product

It is user friendly interface as can be used on all types
of devices whether its a touch screen or a keypad.

  • Easy To Set-Up. Get Started In Minutes
  • “VirginPos” Working On every Devices
  • Sets all Your Data at One Place
  • Works Even When Offline
  • Accept Orders While Offline
  • Custom Email & Printed Receipts
  • Custom Payment Types
  • Quick Payments with Split Payments Feature
  • Cash In / Cash Out Feature
  • Central Product Catalogue
  • Multi Site Reporting
  • Simple Site Creation
  • Easy Product Management From Anywhere
  • Unlimited Products
  • Powerful and cloud based inventory management
  • Real Time Data
  • Manage Customer Relationships
  • Create And Sync Customers
  • Export Reports
  • Powerful Add-Ons